Monday, August 2, 2010

For the fans of Lee Min Ho

Was invited to attend Lee Min Ho's press conference for LG optimus and the meet&greet session after.

I did not watch Boys Over Flowers, so I can't say I'm a fan. However, Lee Min Ho seems quite cute, abit shy yet adorable at the same time.

Lee Min Ho seems to mention wanting a girlfriend very much, and whenever the press asks something related to girls, Lee Min Ho gives that very cute laugh.

This entry is wholly for the fans of Lee Min Ho, and here are pictures to keep you happy :)

- Lee Min Ho at LG Optimus press conference

And Lee Min Ho's meet and greet session:

Lee Min Ho's autograph session

Because we were enjoying the yummy lunch at another ballroom, we reached slightly later than the other guests. Thus, we took the nearest VIP seats available and it was only when the music started then we knew our ears are doomed. We were sitting right next to the speakers!!!

Love the maxi dress I wore that day. Added a jacket cos scared cold but you've gotta see the nice straps (nextime luh okay)! This pretty dress (+the bag) is from theblogshopsg :D I think it's my favourite dress for now.

Nadia and me in matching outfits!!

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