Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coffee, Tea, and Koi.

Am drinking hot milk tea now while I'm typing this!

My office is super cold, and I'm now a fan of hot coffee and tea. Haha. I think that coffee tastes especially good when it's in those takeaway cups, because it doesn't seem to taste that good at home =P

Anyway, how come menu always write "Kopi-O", "Kopi", and "Kopi-C"? It means Coffee with sugar, Coffee with milk , Coffee with sugar and evaporated milk respectively.

Why don't have a term for Coffee with milk AND evaporated milk???

I don't like Coffee with sugar and evaporated milk only, so I cannot say I want Kopi-C. I also cannot say Kopi only cos Kopi without evaporated milk not that nice.

So I always say "Kopi, add more C okay?"

Then sometimes they will misunderstand, thought I want Kopi-C. :(

Anyway, yesterday was the first time I tried Koi BubbleTea! I've been hearing all the buzz about it since a long time ago on twitter and has been wanting to try but always forget when I'm in Bugis. Finally I remember and here goes what I think about my first cup of Koi BubbleTea.

It's quite nice lah. The tea is got a strong C taste that I like and it taste fresh! But I felt that if the tea could be slightly thicker, it would be better.

And I also prefer bigger pearls!!! Even when sweettalk introduced mini pearls last time I also disliked it!! I prefer normal large chewy balls than the small ones Koi produce.

But still, their tea is quite nice lah, next time got Bugis will drink again! The queue is not that long and the waiting time is acceptable!

And something good about Koi is that.... got alot pearls!!!!

I don't understand why would anyone buy bubble tea without pearls. If dont want pearls(and any other jelly) then buy bubble tea for what, go buy normal coffeeshop ice milk tea or fruit juice lah! Right?

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