Friday, August 13, 2010

Got FIVE!!!!

Apart from my freckles, some discoloration and dry skin, I'm quite lucky to not have any acne problem. I seldom have pimples and even when I have them, they are 1-2 tiny ones that go away in a day.

But because recently I've not been sleeping well, my face now suddenly have 4-5 visible pimples!!! So horrible! I've not been putting makeup for quite some time already, cos very lazy, so I look really terrible now with 2 pimple on my right cheek (omg I just went to touch it cos I forget the two pimple is at left or right side lol), 1 pimple on my left cheek and 2 pimples on my chin!!!

Tomorrow I going out and the next day I doing advert so must camwhore. I have to put thick thick concealer liao! Thank goodness there's photoshop. Just a click and pimple vanish!! Works instantly, better than pimple cream! Lol.

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