Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hi everyone.

This week has been one hell of a drama ride for me. I thought that this kind of stuff only happens in those long-winded drama tv series, but it has happened to me now. I used to joke about it in the past but suddenly it came true.

I've been let down - in many ways, I don't even dare to list the points down. I don't wish to talk about it here cos it'll make it worse, but it's not like a straightforward case where I would know what to do. I'm presented with so many choices and for the first time, my instincts doesn't click with the logic in my brain. I'm so afraid of making the wrong choice because I'm really afraid that I'll regret it. The thing is, the situation is not even clear. The puzzle pieces don't seem complete and it's so confusing for me.

There are hell lots of twists and turns here and there, like a detective story. Every morning when I wake up, there would be a new unpredictable twist to the story. By night time I thought I solved every single issue, yet the next day something totally out of the world happens. Sometimes I wonder if something up there is playing wicked games with me.

I've been praying every single night this few days and I felt that it's finally going to end soon. But then again, I feel like that every night and in the morning without fail something new happens. I don't know. I don't dare to sleep tonight. I'm afraid of whatever could happen tomorrow.

I've been trying to be strong. I think that I'm super strong lor, this week has been a real push to my emotional state. I think I'm going crazy soon. It's even a wonder how I even got through a week.

Nevertheless I really feel thankful to my girlfriends. Especially Fiona, who rushed down when I smsed her for help, at such a inconvenient time.

I do hope that there's a happy ending for this story. But I don't know for sure. I really do not know what's gonna happen, like, 1 hour later from this entry.

I'm now going to take some photos SMILING for an advert that is due for the client tomorrow. I really don't know how I can do it.

Bless me.

& Please don't ask or guess what it is about. No one would guess it right. Cos it's SOOOOO drama.

I don't want to hear advices or anything like that. I don't want anyone to judge. Please give me some personal space. Thanks.

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