Sunday, August 1, 2010

My necklace spells "Esther"

Sponsored Advertorial:

Every week, I get my clothes from theblogshop, which has a shop at City Plaza called TheWholesaleShop.

See that bag on the mannequin? I took that too! Alot of people has complimented on it!

New arrivals come in every Monday and Friday, and are usually sold out on the day itself. This shows how much other people love the designs too! Anyway, don't be startled when you see me without makeup there k. Just quietly pretend it's not me!! Lol.

The other time I blogged about MyLittlebow, I mentioned that they are going to do a name necklace for me right? It reached me last week and I LOVE IT!!

Show picture of it on me next time!

I've always wanted to have my own name necklace and finally I have one! They also do other personalised accessories such as rings and bracelet too!

Choose from 20 fonts and over 60 icons!

Be a fan on Facebook, and check out mylittlebow for fashion apparel, personalized name accessories and accessories made with love...

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