Saturday, July 31, 2010

One year mark.

SX and me passed our one year mark some time ago last month :)

He was especially pleasant to me that day even though I threw a small tantrum in the morning cos I was sleepy. Lol. If is usually, he would have lost his temper but this time he held his cool and talked to me nicely. haha. If only he is like this everyday. Lol.

While I was at work, he sent me an sms with some chinese love words (obviously copied from song lyrics), and there's one part where it says something like "you're so beautiful", then he put a bracket there and wrote (Today only hor, tomorrow no more).


Then around afternoon time, I suddenly received a surprise bouquet of flowers at my office from the florist!! 15 red roses with the pretty polkadot wrapping. Hee, I seriously thought that this time I wont be getting flowers anymore leh!!

He also told me that from the website it was supposed to be yellow roses but he change it to red cos he knows I don't like yellow.

On the card, it wrote some lovey dovey stuff, then at the bottom he signed off with "from your handsome laogong"

Not first time he praise himself liao. Actually I realised that every single time he gives me cards/apology notes, it always ends with "from your handsome laogong". Hahaha.

We head off to Dempsey road and dined in this restaurant.

There was no one else in there! I jokingly told sx "wah you book the whole restaurant for me ah." Hahaha.

This was the first time we ordered the same for every course!! Usually we would both try to eat different dishes but the choices were limited this time.

I'm in love with buffalo wings!
Hate those that gives me drumlets instead of midjoint, hate those that is flour-fried instead of normal fried like the one below, hate those that is not sourish, spicy. And most of the time, I get the wrong kind :(

So when I get the correct kind, I don't really care whether they are really very good or not. Any correct kind is good! (Actually I think it's not listed as buffalo wings in the menu. I think they listed it as blackpepper ginger chicken wings)

Our starter! I loved the smoked salmon. I hate the raw tuna. SX loved the raw tuna, he hated the smoked salmon. Haha.

This was appetizer. I felt that as a appetizer the serving was too big. I think the chicken and the sauce would be nice if eaten with rise (aka chinese style), but not suitable to be eaten in those tarts. Overall I felt like I was eating hospital food although the chicken was actually quite nice.

Our pork tenderloin. I think it tasted great! But the way the sauce is cooked seems different from usual western style.

SX had wanted merlot but he wanted me to try the 1664 beer cos it's fruity and sweet. I think it's nice!

Dessert for sx. The crepe no nice.

My chocolate icecream on chocolate cake? Very nice. Lol.

Ending off with my roses pictures!!
I think they are beautiful.

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