Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Silence is deafening.

Okay, today I've decide to bring you readers a little closer into my life. I'm going to show you what a typical day for me is like.

Usually I start off the day with a bang, by refusing to wake up. Haha. I have no idea why whenever I want to sleep at night I toss and turn and the neck never seems to be comfortable but in the morning no matter what stupid pose I sleep in, it feels like the best sleeping position.

And then when I finally tear myself away from the bed, I have to rush cos I'm late for work. I always scold myself for it and then swear that I would sleep early that night, but you know, it never happens.

Usually on the train to work I would take out my handphone to listen music. I'm one of those people who prefer to listen to music on the phone rather than on a separate device cos since my handphone can give the same high quality music like a mp3 player, and if you can do it 2-in-1, why carry so many gadgets in a small bag? I have enough stuff in my bag, tyvm.

But then sometimes it gets abit annoying when I have limited songs and I keep listening to the same few songs on repeat throughout the journey.

I'm glad that my Nokia X6, which has a 32GB on-board memory (that's space for ALOT of songs!), has access to the world's music via Nokia's all-you-can-eat-music offer, Comes With Music. FREE. And LEGAL.

I enjoy unlimited access to millions of tracks direct to the device!

Do anyone else here create playlists of your music on your phone, like based on moods or based on preselected songs? I do!

I don't have a favourite genre of music to listen to, so I usually download songs of variety like dance, melancholy, cutesy nonsensical, etc.

Without a playlist, I find it very frustrating when I keep having to skip a song when it's not the kind of song my mood wants to hear. Sometimes I just want to close my eyes and listen to sad music on the journey home after a long tired day at work.

Playlists named: Emo, Happy days, Party time (dance songs), etc!

During lunch break at work I like to take my own sweet time to eat. On days when my friends aren't free to have lunch with me, I have fun even when eating alone! On my Nokia X6, I can download numerous premium games and applications through the Ovi Store.

This game is kinda fun! I love racing games because it's so brainless. lol.

Oops I got distracted by the game, now back to blogging. Just now while using the phone I also realised you can challenge with friends on the pre-installed games too.

After work, I like to have a social life. One should always maintain a vibrant and exciting lifestyle!

I also love to use twitter. I have so many thoughts going on inside my mind all the time I just have to let it out! I just sent a tweet using my phone's twitter applications. So easy!!
[just ended work! now meeting @rainechai!]

But raine being the busy girl she is, replied me on sms: "oops! I'm held back at a meeting, will be 30 mins late!"

No prob, I'd never find it difficult to pass time with my Nokia X6.

Check email, blog comments and facebook! So much to do haha.

*25 Mins later*

5 Minutes more only! Guess I shall camwhore!

Oh ya did I also forget to mention that you can be your own photographer and movie director with the Nokia X6? Shoot your photos and videos with the 5 mpix camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash and mix in your own music! The large 3.2" widescreen also makes it fantastic for video viewing.

*15 minutes later*
Why is Raine still not here yet?!!


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