Thursday, July 1, 2010


(I'm watching celebrities talking about their ghost encounters on youtube while writing this blog entry during intervals. Lol. See, I can watch scary things and write a happy entry at the same time. 厉害吧!Haha.)


Nadia brought me and Fidelis along to this Happyitshere event by Whisper, and it's the FIRST blogger event that didn't have any sales talk/pushing of product/etc. Not even a press kit for us to read! Me and Fidelis were so shocked that all we had to do that day was to pamper ourselves silly! No strings attached. *Happy*

I went to a cozy Happyitshere event last year and it was like a girly-gathering with other girl bloggers. We learnt to embrace our periods and also knew about the cycle calendar, like on the certain dates of your cycle, you are more tolerable towards pain, or more articulate, or skin feels more tender.

This is very useful when booking a date for doing painful stuff like waxing, plucking of eyebrows, facials, etc.

Our treat were given at Beauty Empire, just along the stretch of road infront of the posh boutique Scarlet Hotel.

First Treat: Back Massage.

After taking this picture, time to undress *shy*

After the back massage, time for Treat 2!
Eyebrow shaping. I had never done this before. I tried eyebrow plucking at Milly's, but other than that, I stuck to shaving the stray hair at the sides of the brow. Sometimes I don't even care cos I have bangs! Lol.

Love the floral sofa!

Played with the camera while waiting.

So in love with wedges recently. Heightens me, yet so comfy like flat shoes!

I had eyebrow waxing for the first time. But better than Nadia, she kena threading!!! Kelian her.

Treat 3, Manicure!!

That's Fidel on the left, Nadia, and Jaclyn!

Range of nail polish products.

So cute, got cucumber slice on its eye. Lol.

Nadia & Fidel.

My turn! Remove my previous chipped polish first!

And then put sweet pink colour. Love the shade!

So rare to see me with short nails. Haha.

Nadia went off to paktor with her boyfriend, so I went to paktor with Fidel! We couldn't decide on what to eat as we walked down Club street! Awhile we want dimsum, awhile want pizza, in the end we walked till near Chinatown and settles on this little restaurant that Fidel recommended.

It used to be at rochester park, but now it's smaller sized. Only afew tables.

This is Fidelis' balsamic strawberry beef steak. She says it's good.

I had the Lemon Thyme Butter Fish. It's really super good! And I like what they sprinkled on the salad cos this is the first time I ate the side salads in restaurants! Usually I only eat the meat, so wasteful.

I craved for another piece of fish after finishing it.

Look at our nails! Pink me and purple her.

Our Chill Fruit tea was yummy! Although I prefer Dozo's version, this one was not bad too, and very generous with their strawberry and orange bits.

I'm feeling thirsty already!

They have these herb plants by the windowside, and it's one of their unique points. Sometimes they take the herbs used in their food from these plants!

Cheesecakes for dessert! Many different flavour for toppings. I really like how rich the cheesecake is. Another good thing is that they are so mini, won't feel too overwhelmed.

I liked it so much that I even dabao-ed for my family!

Tada, it was really a very pampering day for us girls!

Gotta love being a girl :)

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