Monday, July 12, 2010

Starting with Dintaifung and ending with Twillight.

What's your favourite dish at Din Tai Fung?

Mine's the (according to preference) drunken chicken, the brown beancurd with minced meat on top, fried rice with egg, hot and sour soup, and xiao long bao!!!!

I always wish I could eat ALL of them in one meal. I think I can!!!

Recently I bought this book:

I've always wanted to watch the movie since it came out years ago but never did. Saw this book many times and finally bought it! It's quite an awesome read. (I just watched the movie and it was very different from the book!!!!! *sad*)

Any books to recommend after I finish this one! I'm thinking of reading the twillight series, you know, just to find out for myself what the fuss about it is all about. I think it'll be too chim for me though. BUT THE MAIN THING IS.... Twillight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn... WHAT'S THE CORRECT SEQUENCE???

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