Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Omy blog awards

Attended the Omy Blog Awards, and was so surprised to see my picture on Wanbao and Mypaper after that cos I didn't win any award!

Haha my grandma called to ask my mum if that girl is me. Cannot recognise meh! I decided not to put up the picture cos my face in the picture very fat T_T

The dress code for the day was Hollywood bling. I decided to dress down and regretted it cos everyone else was dressed up!

Me and Elise sitting half a chair each cos don't have enough chairs for everyone!

We all pasted "I like" stickers on Jayden's outfit cos we liked it!

He got called upstage for "Headturner" and he won the prize cos he got the most stickers. Seriously, the stickers on him were overflowing! Front, back, sleeves!

Went off afterwards and we met up with SX for dinner at Heaven's Loft. Yums!


My clearance sale post is updated with new pieces!
I added afew more pieces and also lowered all prices of previous leftover items due to deadbuyers, to $10 only.

Buy all at $110 inclusive of postage fees :)
Items include White maxi dress, light blue dress with lace, and floral dresses :) Go have a look!

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