Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm now an addict!

I just finished reading the DearJohn book and it's such a devastating end :( I couldn't help but felt depressed even after the whole day. It's the first time I felt such sadness for a story character! I feel so sorry for poor John. It's really like fate conspiring against him and Suvannah. Heartwrenching to see them end like this. I would prefer that he ended up with savannah, just like how Allie chose Noah in the notebook. Sigh!

I really don't know if I should recommend the book to you all. I felt that it's so beautifully written, but yet so depressing for the reader. Okay I think you all should go read. I think the author is really powerful in triggering emotions using words.

I heard from Fidelis that the movie ending was good. Perhaps I should go watch it just to comfort myself.

I told sx that I'm very very sad about the book ending, he replied 'ok la the story is bluff one dont worry ok'.

Lol. That reminded me that it's stupid to feel so sad over a book character, written out of fiction by someone's imagination. BUT, I still believe there must be a couple out there who went through what they went through and I hope that they made it in the end, unlike the book.

Just bought another Nicholas Sparks book "The Wedding", I'm an addict! Haha. But I'm putting that aside first as I'm currently still reading another book called "Daddy's Prisoner" by Alice Lawrence with Megan Lloyd Davies. Quite interesting too :) It's somehow a story similar to the Josef Fritzl case. Need a break from love novels!! All making me too emotional!

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