Saturday, July 10, 2010

You wear floral I wear floral you wear black dress I wear black.

Friendship: 8 years and ongoing.

And this picture below is my favourite picture!

Her birthday is coming soon so I hired a photographer to take a series of friendship shots for us. After I get the pictures, I'm gonna print them on glossy paper and compile into an album for her :)

Before the shoot I specifically told the photographer: "NO hugging, NO holding hands, NO mushy stuff". Lol. I can do it with any other girl EXCEPT her. Hahaha it's just the way we are.

Although I still call her my bestfriend, but we have inevitably grew apart. Due to our different group of friends and change of lifestyles and directions, we meet less, sms less, talk less, yet we see each other like a open book.

But then, one thing that I have yet to like about her is that unreasonable temper of hers that has been following us for the past 8 years, though it toned down ALOT in recent years. It seems like now it's me who has the temper. Lol. Nevertheless, no one is perfect and we have to accept that. I'm not perfect too, I have my selfish moments, which Fiona obviously disliked. But friends are supposed to just let friends be the way they are, and support them in whatever path they choose, no matter right or wrong. Overlook the small details and don't be "ji jiao". I've quarrelled with her countless times in the past, mainly due to us not knowing this particular point about friendship.

Other best friends are so alike and similar. We are totally different. Oh, but there's one thing we both always agree on - Pink is the best colour in the world.

Guess who I packed to go out? Yeah, Bobo in the first picture up there.

Fiona seems to be having fun with him lol.

I hope she had fun at this photoshoot! I spent quite a sum for it okay-_-

Leave a comment to tell me how long is your friendship between you and your best friend!

Bobo says Bye!

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