Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Does this count as annnnnoying? o.o "

I watched Despicable me yesterday and it was FUNNY!!

Storyline abit shallow and simple minded. Lol. But it was a very lighthearted movie, great for people like me who don't like to think so much. Haha.

Have you watched it?
What's your favourite character?

Mine has got to be AGNES!! She's so adorably tiny and her expressions are the cutest! I so wanna hug her!

The next favourite is the Floating Minion!!!! This little minion was the guinea pig for a new potion and that anti-gravity potion sent him floating upwards and upwards. Can see him appearing in between some shots and at the end of the show. The expression of this minion SUPER cute too! Look out for it okay!

Watch the movie and I'm sure you will come out in a happy mood :)

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