Sunday, July 18, 2010

Career Vs Boyfriend

I was walking to my office one day when a thought came to me. People REALLY change. Just take me as an example.

When I was in primary school, I've always commented on how stupid the women in TV were to stick by their cheating boyfriends. I've always said: "If is me I confirm break up!!"

And in the end what happens? Several years later in secondary school I kena cheated by my own boyfriend and I ended up being as stupid as the women on TV.

When I was in secondary school, I've always gushed about how I would definitely give up my career for my boyfriend if I had to. I never felt that a career was important at all as long as I had love.

Several years later, I re-asked myself this.
My career, I would include my blog + my real job.

I don't think I would give up all these for a man.
But I don't want to give up my man for all these too.

SX asked me once before: "If one day you had to choose between me or your career, which would you choose?"

(He didn't say career. Once he asked "blog" and another time he asked "job".)

I answered: "I'll never want to meet the day where I have to make a choice."

I think I would convince SX to let me keep my career PLUS him if I had to. I want the best of both worlds and I think it's possible - IF he's understanding enough wahaha.

Thank goodness he hasn't started being overwhelming/serious with these questions, but I can sense it coming already. He has started to complain about how much dedication I put to my blog/real job.

Hey, if I had a normal job out there, I'm sure I'd give it up for my man if needed to. But the defining factor is that, my career, which includes my blog that is already part of my life (even before I met this man), and my current job which I luckily landed on (which is fun + has prospects), are what made it so hard to make a choice. Now I understand why some woman couldn't decide.

I totally understand how Hui Fan in "Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni" felt. She thought she could have the best of both worlds. But too bad "Yang Guo" appeared :(

Updated: I changed my mind. After reading The Notebook and Dear John, I realised that I want nothing more than a mindblowing romance, special, true love.

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