Thursday, July 15, 2010



ARGH. Read this first.

While waiting for her to come, I had finished alot of the PA's task (damn suay to come in during the time of the month when it is high workload for PAs). I was so glad I've finished everything but guess what?

This other boring+confusing+time-consuming+troublesome task that I had been putting off till the new PA come, is due to be done by today/tomorrow. Still no Personal Assistant yet, so guess who has to do it? ME!

Fuck lah, I think I spent most of my time in the office doing the Personal Assistant's job than my own job lor!!!!!

Can't wait for a new Personal Assistant to be employed.
I'm already getting very very very very irritated about the numerous calls that I have to pick up because there's no PA around and me having to listen to slow-talking, annoying stupid questions on the other line. I'm already very very very very very irritated at the accounting/paperwork i'm doing for this PA-who-has-yet-to-appear.

IT'S NOT MY JOB!!! Heck, it's totally UNRELATED!
I don't mind helping but when it's something I don't like doing, overwhelming me like this to the point where I get no time to do my own jobscope which I love, I HATE IT.

I really can't wait anymore.
I think I'm gonna scream any minute soon.

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