Friday, July 23, 2010


One short update!
I just got back from TheBlogShop's wholesale shope at CityPlaza to pick my clothes for the 2nd time! They are now my official clothing sponsor as I've announced afew weeks back. I like the owners of TheBlogShop and their designs are really ALOT and trendy and they are almost always sold out on the same day. They are only open on Mondays and Fridays and usually close at 5pm. Every single opening day they'll have new stocks. Awesome or whatttttttttt.

When I get my next pay, I'll be getting a new, bigger closet because my current wardrobe is packed to the rim! So excited!!

I actually wanted to split rooms with my sis (we currently share a study room and a bedroom together), and refurnish my new room to have a walk in wardrobe but in the end I realised that it'll be alot of work and that I don't dare to sleep alone, so we settled for a new closet.

Gonna buy a full length mirror too! Then I can take pictures of my outfits and haolian on my blog! hahaha.

I'm going to the POCC pink party tomorrow at Zouk! Gonna have to do a fashion walk on the stage and I'm so afraid that I would forget my speech! They have a bazaar in the afternoon and I've contributed some stuffs for the Charity Booth, so do your part by coming down and getting anything that catches your eye k!

Alright. Gdnight for now!

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