Friday, July 23, 2010

Can you go Yahoo that?

Things We Call By Brand Name Rather Than What They Actually Are.

I thought of sharing this while I was having my Roti Prata afew days ago and discussing with my sis about something related to cheese.

What do you call those cheese slices? I call it Cheesedale!! I guess it resulted from an old advertisement when I was young, and from then on whenever I go to the supermarket with mum I would say: "can buy cheesedale?"

There are actually ALOT of stuff which we call by brand name instead of their generic name! I think it actually shows the success of the brand marketing. Here's my list of items that I called wrongly:

1. Pampers
Actual name: Diapers

My parents call it Pampers and I always thought that it was called Pampers but when I grow up then I realise it is actually a brand name and it should be called Diapers. Who else call it Pampers??

2. Kotex
Actual name: Sanitary pads

Mum always asks us if we got enough Kotex, even though sometimes the brand we are using is Whisper.

3. Ajinomoto
Actual name: MSG

Since young my maids all call it Ajinomoto also lor -.-" Until I grow up liao then I finally realise it's brand name.

4. Colgate
Actual name: Toothpaste

5. Mopiko
Actual name: Mosquito Repellent

6. Bubble Wrap
Actual name: Inflated cushioning

7. Uhu Glue
Actual name: Glue stick

8. Frisbee
Actual name: Flying Disc

9. Google
Actual name: Finding something in a Search Engine (we don't hear people say 'can you go yahoo that?' right?)

10. Hulahoop
Actual name: Toy Hoop Ring

11. Photoshop
Actual: Photo Manipulation (I mean, there are other ways to edit pictures besides the photoshop program right?)

12. Play-Doh
Actual: Modeling compound clay for children

13. Polaroid
Actual: instant photograph or instant camera

14. Post-its
Actual: sticky notes

15. Scotch Tape
Actual: Clear adhesive tape

16. Tupperware
Actual: Food/Plastic Containers

17. Styrofoam
Actual: extruded polystyrene foam

18. Vicks/Vaseline
Actual: petroleum jelly

19. Walkie-Talkie
Actual: any portable handheld radio or two-way radio transceiver.

20. Ketchup
Actual: Tomato sauce

Actual: Instant Noodles. My home uses Myojo and ChuQianYiDing brand but we still called it maggi mee since we are kids. Till now we still say Maggi Mee. Lol.

Can you think of anymore?

I researched some of them, and edited according to local context. Bet you didn't even know you were using Brand name instead of the correct generic name right!!

Just for your info...

Below are a few examples of trademarks that have lost their legal protection — at least in the United States:

(which means they were actually brand names but became so massly used that they because generic names.)

•“Aspirin” — originally a trademark of Bayer AG
•“Cellophane” — originally a trademark of DuPont
•“Dry Ice” — originally a trademark by Dry Ice Corporation of America
•“Escalator” — originally a trademark of the Otis Elevator Company
•“Kerosene” — originally trademarked by Abraham Gesner
•“Videotape” — originally a trademark of Ampex Corporation
•“Yo-Yo” — originally a trademark of Duncan Yo-Yo Company
•“Zipper” — originally a trademark of B.F. Goodrich

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