Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winners decided!

Hey all,
my clearance sale post is updated with new pieces!
I added afew more pieces and also lowered all prices of previous leftover items due to deadbuyers, to $10 only.

Buy all at $110 inclusive of postage fees :)
Items include White maxi dress, light blue dress with lace, and floral dresses :) Go have a look!

Anyway, winners for Freshlook illuminate has been chosen.

1. Jess - Definition of beauty (physically)
For this, perhaps I'll blog about my favourite/ideal kind of features!

2. Joan - Weird things I do at home that I don't do outside.

3. Irene Tan - My Wardrobe.
I'll only be able to blog about this after I finish packing my stuff into a new wardrobe, as currently everything's piling on top of each other inside that small cabinet.

Winners, please email me. Thanks.

Some other people also mentioned that I can blog about my makeup. Perhaps next time!

It was so difficult to decide! So many of you have many good ideas. I guess in the end I just chose the ones that are easier to blog about hahaha. And how come all of you want to know what is my dream wedding ah?? Hahah how to blog about it? I don't have any special dream wedding lei, I want those normal traditional kind lor. Morning is the chinese tradition, then at night banquet at some hotel ballroom. Color scheme preferably gold + white. Just like this lor! Hahah. I don't want beach wedding (I scared rain + will very hot I don't want).

To answer my own question, my favourite celebrity eyes is Cameron Diaz. Similar to Sarah Jessica Parker, I felt that their eyes can capture attention and there's depth in the look. I don't know how to describe. Perhaps it's because their eye colour is very light, thus give that kind of feel.

It doesn't matter whether your eyes are symmetrical, round, whatever. What matters is the gaze and confidence you have when you look at people.

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