Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The personal assistant that was supposed to come in for her first day today, didn't not appear. I called her and after 2 failed attempts, she finally picked up the phone and said she's turning down the job offer.

Like wtf?
Her first day at work was supposed to be Monday, but she called earlier to say that she can only come in on Wednesday (today). And so we waited. And when we finally managed to wait till today, she does this?? Then I have to re-hire, re-interview all over again and this process can take another week!!! We would be able to do it earlier if she had just said in the first place that she's not interested anymore.

Hey, no big deal right... What has it got to do with me? It's has got a great deal to do with me!!

1. From the first day, I've been alone in this big office room ALL BY MYSELF. The previous personal assistant had some emergency issues and had to leave. I spent the first 3 days spending most of my time finding stuffs cos I've no one to ask and there are files EVERYWHERE. My boss has more than one company, thus inevitable that she has SO MANY DAMN FILES.

2. I'm quite scared of the office. My whole level has only 3 companies. I'm actually quite envious that they got so many colleagues. My boss has another office elsewhere and there's where the bulk of the staff are. Here is like only boss, me, and personal assistant. And boss seldom comes back.

I'm afraid of going out to go to the washroom, cos the washroom is usually empty and quiet and scary. Whenever I see someone (from another company sharing the same level as me) in the washroom, I'll go "phew, came at the right time!". I even contemplated to go down to level one where there's a shopping centre and relieve myself there everytime I need to go, but I managed to convince myself that going down 15 storeys for a washroom is crazy. I hope the new personal assistant would not think I'm siao if I keep asking her to go to the washroom with me. Hahaha.

3. I hate how cold my office is and I wished someone would come and absorb the cold with me so that it'll be more warm.

4. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE doing accounts and the other admin stuff. My actual job scope is a fun and interesting one but because we have yet to hire a suitable personal assistant, I had to do all the miscellaneous stuff myself and it's not my forte!!!!!! I HATE HATE HATE HATE doing things that I don't know how to, cos I get all confused and I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE doing the checking of bank statements, doing payroll, data entrying these statements (+ calculations which I totally fail at because I don't even understand what I'm doing), applying for licenses/workpermits for staffs, filing invoices and recording balance and issuing vouchers and worse thing is when something is missing and I can't complete my task until I find the information hidden somewhere among all the files. It such a headache!

Although the projects that I'm currently in-charge of is also giving me a really high workload, but at least I'm very willing to do all that because it interests me. I'm a relatively fast worker if I know what I'm doing, and the account/admin part is really slowing me down ALOT. I take 10 minutes to draft a long email to a client and I take almost the half a day just to figure out how to submit cpf stuff online, tsk.

I NEED a new personal assistant to take up all these boring and confusing work off my load.


I was so looking forward to this day leh. ARGH.

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