Sunday, July 4, 2010

SGflyer. Again.

I don't take beef so I exchanged it for one more sausage. Love this combo at Jack's Place!

SX went to buy a white adidas tee (of a country that he's not really supporting) because I was sick of his red adidas tee (which he wears ALL THE TIME when going out with me). Lol I practically nagged and whined the whole morning when he told me he's wearing the red tee. Haha. I threatened to clip a bow on my hair if he wears that tee out with me; He hates it when I clip it on my hair!

Went on the SGflyer with bf some weeks back, because he has never gone there before. He expressed disinterest before the flight but once inside the cabin, I couldn't get him to just sit down (my legs were very tired so I was trying to convince him to sit down lol) and told him that the view would be all the same throughout no need stand and look for the whole 30 minutes.

I thought at the top we will close eyes and kiss or something romantic will happen but NOTHING of the sort happened *hai* He won't do this kind of thing one lor. He's the kind that is like my father, want say romantic thing also must cover it up with some goofy stunts one. Okay lah at least he will in the middle of the night suddenly wake up then suddenly miss me and message me sweet sweet thing. He does other "romantic" stuff at the most unexpected times.... but never at the top of the SGflyer :(

Anyway, he was planning for our 1-year anniversary which is coming soon, and I discovered his plan. Hahaha, he say I sure like it one and it'll cost alot.

Then I smsed him: "Don't tell me you are going to book the cabin for us to have dinner inside the SGflyer hor. I DONT WANT!!!!!!!!! I'm sick of that place!"

I had wanted to book it for dinner for SX's bday that time but the point here is that he had never went to SGflyer before that so it'll be special. It is not special at all (now) when I've gone there like so many times already and he has already tried it before.

I just want a normal dinner at a normal restaurant. And maybe 15 balloons. He promised to bring me 15 balloons since we started dating until now lor. Still havent keep up to his promise. Hmmph.

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