Friday, July 2, 2010


Feeling very vex over my life currently.

I seems to be leaving in my own LIE. I keep telling myself that actually I'm quite lucky overall amongst all the little suay things that happen in my daily routine, but the fact that I'm trying to delude myself from is that actually I don't seem to be going well at all.

I have too many ambitions, but too little time, too little chances, too little abilities too little guts.
One of my weakness is that I don't have the patience to wait for success. I want it NOW, NOW, NOW. But saying all this is impossible to change anything. I'm still living in my own LIE, waiting for someone to give me all the chances that I need, instead of picking up my guts and chase for my dreams.

Since young, I've been day-dreaming about my "dream-life". In it, I picture out my life to be a smooth-sailing ship, everything falling into place at the right time. But life in reality wasn't so kind after all.

I met more hiccups than pleasant encounters, and I seem to be waiting too long for my ambitions to become reality. My luck seems to be wearing out, and I'm afraid that I have no more time to lose.

I've met with too many failures with my attempts, that's why I don't really have the "push" to keep trying anymore.

Sigh, I guess majority of the people in this world are like me, being stagnant in our own mundane mediocre life and not living in the life of our dreams, just because none of us have the guts to chase after what we really want.

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