Monday, July 19, 2010

It's a piece of cake!

Attended a cake-tasting event some days back with Nadia, Fidelis, Jacelyn and Pris!

It was fun as we had some d-i-y session where we decorate our own cake!
First, we had a slice each, just to taste which flavour we prefer. I chose chocolate, Fidelis chose mango, and Pris had strawberry.

This is my warm-up creation! Nice?

This is the deco panel.

And here's our results.
Top from left: Jacelyn and Nadia
Bottom from left: Fidelis and Mine.
What about Pris? She was already eating away haahah

After tasting a bite of each, I decided on Chocolate! All flavours were good and it was a difficult choice!

We were given a whole cake based on our choice of flavour! Everyone on our table chose Chocolate, except for Fidelis who chose Strawberry~

Deco supplies which I collected for myself.

Yes, alot. But I never use finish. I overestimated the size of my cake T_T

Tada~~ Very ugly I think. I was trying to cram all sorts of thing!

Jacelyn's pretty design teaches us something. "Less is more"

Nevertheless, I really had fun sprinkling the deco on my cake! More of such events please!!! Perhaps a cooking session next time?

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