Friday, July 9, 2010

10 o'clock Accident

Afew weeks back, my family almost got into an accident in a cab.

We were turning into the lane when suddenly the car infront of us stopped. Luckily our cab managed to brake in time!

As my dad is a driving instructor, his first instinct was to step on his "brake". (In driving school while teaching students, he will have a brake button on his passenger seat side) Lol, luckily he never snatch the steering wheel from the taxi driver like he usually do with his students if not we will surely end up on the curb!!!

In the end when we reached our destination (about 100 metres always from the almost-accident scene), my dad asked "how much?".

The taxi driver sees the meter stating: "10:00" and said "10 oclock".

Lol! He had meant to say $10! Guess he was too startled too!

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