Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is there anything....

Is there anything you readers would like me to blog about?
Do leave a comment below and I'll choose afew to write about!

I've been so focused on my job (workload is like super packed but I love what I'm doing!), that I didn't have time to think about other stuff, thus it was long since I wrote a random entry. All the entries that you saw this week are all drafts that I've written last week when I was still at my previous job (super duper free one). The drafts are running out and I'm afraid that you all wont have any updates to see on my blog if you don't help me suggest some interesting topics! Nothing much to talk about my current life anyway, it's all work and it's mostly confidential stuff lol.

Anyway I lost my spectacles and Dad doesn't know yet. When he reads this he will know. Sorry dad!! Please don't ask me how come spectacles also can get lost. I have no idea why too T_T

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