Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When i have something to blog about, i have too much to blog. When i've nothing to blog about, nothing comes out no matter how much i squeeze my brains.

I've been squeezing my brains for the past 1 week while posting up saved drafts (those i wrote during my over-many-stuff-to-blog days).

Today is officially the day that i dont have any more drafts to post.

I haven't been going out much recently. These few days Mum doesn't seem to be pleased about me coming home late. She tsk-ed me when i said i had a advert client meeting tonight. =(

I dont want to upset her, but I felt like i neglected my girls and blog readers (and my life. zzzzz)!

Another thing is that my left eyelid very pain don't know why. Cannot even stay at home put on contact lens + makeup and take camwhore pictures to post.

If I can turn back something about my life, I would take super care of my eyes when I am 5. Then I won't be spectacled and I no need suffer from contact lens pain anymore. Yoohooo! I don't mind exchanging 5cm of my height for perfect eyesight ._. Short good what, can look tiny and small and everyone will say you are cute. Unlike my current height, not tall not short. When I wear heels I look like giant when I don't wear heels I look stumpy. zzzzz.

Working is no good. Gobbles up all my time. When will anyone sponsor me a travel-blogging job?


Anyway, a short mention for MillyWalker, she has just launched her new collection. I'll post up another advert after I receive her item!

Hahahah I becoming more and more incoherent without any link from one paragraph to another liao. BYE!

Oh ya, something else. You commentors starting to become lazy and not active liao hor, buck up!! Hehehehe.

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