Sunday, August 29, 2010


One thing that I dislike to do most is waiting for bus!!!! It's like, got nothing to do at all lor! Put makeup also cannot cos when I takeout my makeup pouch the bus comes rolling along and I have to clumsily put it back into my bag and worse if I've already open it up and taken out a couple of cosmetics!

1) Empty bus stop in a secluded place

Last time I went to a far away place and I had to change bus in the middle of the highway, outside a camp or something. It was a dark evening and it was humid/cold (i forget already but just remember it's not nice weather), and I felt so alone and thrown away from the rest of the world! The bus came like 30 mins later. -________-

2) Crowded bus stop

This one even worse. No place to sit while waiting for that bus that would come only after you wait at least 30 mins. You stand there with shopping bags and a tired body after a whole day out and so many buses pass by but NONE of them is with the number you want. Also, squeezing with other people in a small bus stop is not a nice way to pass time too.

3) My house bus stop

This is the most jialat one. Not crowded like the 2nd one, and definitely not empty cos quite alot of residents take this bus. So what's the problem? FLIES. Sit down also got flies, stand up also got flies. Stubborn ones! They cling on your leg and refuse to fly away even when you shake your leg. Got one time I didn't know this yet so I keep shaking my leg hoping that they won't attack my legs (it works with usual files!), then when I look down at my leg I don't know how that fly manage to even land on my shaking leg and cling onto it!!! Freaked me out so badly. Now I always get paranoid like I thought got files on my leg but actually is my fallen hair. Fml.

Oh ya.

Same goes for waiting for cabs!!!

They are so rare whenever I need them! I always get into nervous breakdown when I need one urgently but none appears/all hired/available but drive past me cruelly.

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