Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Outfit post - Fail :(

Hello everyone.

I experimented with lower eyeshadow makeup like those in Japanese magazines but ended up with miserable results. I look like I have a serious case of dark circles. hahaha.

Anyway, that's not the point of today's post.

The main thing I want to say is, I tried to do an outfit post but failed terribly.

I don't know why I settled for such lousy compact quality before I tried the Olympus EP1. My current camera is great for camwhoring, food pics, etc, but it's really bad when it comes to full body pictures. The Olympus EP1 that I used for advertorials awhile back was a loan piece and they would be giving me a brand new one soon. And thus, I do not have any decent camera to use for now :(

All the photos are so grainy!! I gave up after afew shots. Guess the rest of the pretty pieces I took from theblogshopsg would have to wait.

(credit: dress and belt from theblogshopsg)

I started off really excited, with accessories and shoes to match, but after awhile it's so frustrating that the pictures aren't turning right that I decided to heck it.

(credit: dress from theblogshopsg)

And something else. I'm really bad at posing. Sometimes my pose would be good and my face would be crap and I'll delete it off immediately. Yes, I would rather look like a piece of wood than have a super pose with a funny face.

(credit: dress from theblogshopsg, bag from polkadotpigs, belt found somewhere deep in my belt closet)

I think I need an in-house photographer to take awesome shots for me. Why my father not interested in fashion photography!!!!

(credit: dress from theblogshopsg)

Super Sad :(

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