Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pink Party!!

Did you attend the POCC pink party?

Me, Fidelis, Valerie, Nadia, Dawn, and Priscilla had a fashion walk on stage that night and we delivered our speech about cervical cancer in front of party-goers and flashes from the media cameras. It was nerve-wrecking at first but after all was over, I realised that it was such great fun!

Us girls in the makeup room, in our own clothes!

Whole outfit was from theblogshopsg. The pink top, the belt, the grey skirt-shorts, and the paris bag.

Name necklace from mylittlebow.

Pris kept disappearing! Luckily I managed to take a photo with her after we changed into our sponsored outfits from BYSI.

I don't have photos of us on stage yet though! Will post up after I get it :)

Me and Fidelis were trembling inside while waiting for our turn at backstage, but luckily the other girls gave us much support by patting our backs and convincing us to relax. I'm sorry I was sort of whiney that night but they didn't complain and understood how nervous I was! Much appreciated. Love the bunch of girls :)

With Nadia!

Overall, it was quite an exciting experience for me. I don't mind doing it one more time!

Next, I'll blog about the preparations before this event! ^_^

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