Thursday, August 26, 2010

My new hair colour - Liese!

Besides Platinum Beige (naunce and soft beige), they also have another new colour which is Sweet Apricot (light and sweet orange)!

You like my new hair colour?

I've always liked colours from the ash family, and this is the colour that I've been wanting for a very long time! I had fun with the hairdye process, because the massaging part is so comfy!

Apart from adding two new pretty colors, the formulation for ALL colours has improved!! It is now 4 times thicker and creamier! Massaging foam into hair is made easier and enjoyable.

The rich and creamy foam wraps itself around every strand of hair fully, so that you do not have to be afraid of dripping during massaging or waiting time.

Hair also feels smoother and healthier! Due to a technical break-through, Liese Bubble Hair Color is able to provide a smooth feel on hair after rinsing off, thus leaving hair feeling smooth and healthy. My hair is so easy to comb nowadays! I couldn't do without conditioner previously yet now I can don't need to use it!

Here's how to tell the difference!

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* Note: This product is not suitable for those with bleached hair (Like Blonde!) and those who had dyed their hair black before in the last 6 months and not for covering grey.

Colour results may vary from person to person – depends on existing shade, texture & condition of hair!

Tips for some other worries you might have:

1. Colour may not come out?
From previous experience if your hair doesn’t not absorb color well ( usually people with thick, coarse, damage or jet black hair tend to have this).
TIP - If so, always choose a shade that is at least 2 shades lighter if you want the color to look obvious but not overly bright.

2. Colour might not be even?
Correct usage is always important to ensure evenly coloured hair. I think in most cases it'll be even cos even a noob like me can make my hair colour even, you can too! Massage it more!
a) Make sure there’s foam to cover entire hair including inner layers all the time. If not, re-massage to create foam again.
b) Leave on for max 30mins.

3. Colour comes out too different from what’s on the box?
Color intensity will vary according to our hair texture and condition.
TIP - If you have dark hair and choose a dark color, the result generally will be quite similar to the current color. You should try a color that’s at least 1-2 shades lighter!

Most of my friends and readers have joined LieseSG Facebook page, what are you waiting for?!!! They are very active on facebook, and you might even win prizes at some of their very simple contests!~


And for now, a chance for me to pay back all my readers love:

1. Submit a photo of your current hair colour

2. Give a reason to win!
Like, for example, "I’ve always wanted my hair to look like Ice-Angel’s hair!!!!"

3. Contact details
Liese would pick 10 readers in total from my blog to win a box of Liese Bubble Hair Color! 5 would get the Platinum Beige and 5 would get Sweet Apricot.

It's so easy! Fill in the form here!

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Don't you love me? Hee!


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