Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reader's Request #1

Reader Request #1

5 things I do at home that you don't know:

1. showing expressions to the mirror
- I like to make random faces at the mirror. Like smiling:D, pouting:[, shocked face:O, etc. Lol Crazy I know.

2. shouting "bobo" randomly
- Sometimes when I walked pass my bedroom I would shout randomly to the bear(he's named bobo) on my bed "BOBO~~~!!!!!!!" Hahaha

3. toilet door
I dont close my toilet door if I'm going to be inside for just a minute. If i hear footsteps, I would shout "DONT COME HERE AH!!" or "BU YAO KAN!!!" to which my father would reply "SHUI YAO KAN, NI GEI WO KAN WO DOU BU YAO KAN"


4. dance suddenly
Sometimes I walk halfway I'd dance some really exaggerating moves. If I good mood lah, that's for sure.

5. talk to myself.
Just gibberish nonsense that doesn't makes sense. I guess I just needed to talk. I'm as talkative as how my primary school teachers always comment on my report book.

I got abit regret that I promise to blog about this reader's request topic lor.

Hope you all will still love this crazy blogger T_____T

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