Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girly Sessions!!

Preparations before Pink Party

Met up with Fidelis for all the preparations!!


Clothing for the fashion walk was to be sponsored by BYSI, and thus we went to the outlet at somerset313 to choose a piece of our choice!

I chose this light blue puff sleeve top with the polkadot high waist shorts.

After some briefing about the event, we headed over to the Handburger! I had always wanted to try it but didn't have the chance to do so.

The menu so nice!

Onion Rings~

Chicken Wings!!! Hehehe =P

This is my main course. Look at the amount of cream!!! I almost puked after eating half of the burger. Nextime I go I will do without cream!

Pretty Fidelis ^^

And her tandoori burger. Doesn't look pleasing but I wonder how it taste!

Even though we are already very full, we still have our dessert! The chocolate cake is not those lava-cake kind, kinda disappointed! However, we had fun eating the white foaming thing! I suspect it is half-melted icecream. Haha.


Me and Fidelis met up again to go for the sponsored leg waxing but because my legs have alot of open wound due to my excessive scratching (gross!!) and Fidelis had just waxed hers days before, we cancelled the waxing appointment and headed over to our next appointment...

Ladyfinger was one of the sponsors of the Pink Party, thus we had sponsored services too! Classic manicure and pedicure. We had 4 manicurists serving us!! Lol. It was quite relaxing with the massages and all.

Had this colour for my nails cos I saw it on one of the manicurist and fell in love with the colour!

Got TV! I think it's a really good idea cos I always feel bored during manicure sessions.

Loved the feet spa and massage! *shuang*


On the event day itself, we went to Essensuals at bugis for our hair styling appointment! Fidelis had her hair blown, and I had my hair tied up to a high ponytail!

They were kind enough to help me cut off my horrendous long fringe into pretty bangs!
You like my high pony-tail look?

Now what's lacking is only a massage! If only I could do all these girly sessions every week with my girls! ^_^

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