Tuesday, August 3, 2010

With A Pinch Of Salt

Nadia has been talking to us about bringing us to a mystery gem for quite some time already! Finally the idea was put to action and soon we were on our way to With A Pinch Of Salt.

The interior it seem, was exactly what Nadia would have liked. I think that it bear some resemblance to Miss Clarity Cafe's concept.

We particularly loved the menu! Although it lacked of unique dishes (seems like the food they serve are quite common like any other western dining outlet), they made up for it with funny descriptions! Here are afew which caught my attention and made me giggled.

We ordered 3 starters!!

Cheesy Fries. Looks appetizing doesn't it?

My favourite chicken wings!! It seems like everywhere I go, I cannot resist chicken wings. I particularly like chicken wings cooked either by BBQ or this way. (Don't really like those that have lots of flour) If I come again, I'll eat the chicken wing again - as main course!

It was my first time eating Potato Munchkins! I like the filling - bacon bits with cheese. Would prefer for the potato to be thinner though.

And for the main course,
Fidelis had something beef. Not sure what is it called cos I wasn't paying attention when she was ordering. Haha.

But I remember the name of this dish that Jacelyn ordered! I remember finding it funny when she said "Sissy Crab Pasta" to the waitress.

Nadia had Cordon Bleu!

And me, like I always do, ordered a combo. Fish, chicken, lamb, potato wedges, bacon, ham, sunny side up, chipolatas, all in one!! Couldn't finish though, the portion was too big, I think enough for 2-3!!! I usually finish up my meats, so you can gauge how fulling it was. There was two pieces of chicken! (Doesn't help that I don't really like fried breaded chicken and fish.)

I even had a scoop of chocolate icecream afterwards! Overall, With A Pinch Of Salt is a fun place to eat at, with very affordable prices.

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