Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The girls and the boys.

Had steamboat + grill session with the gang that day :)

Me & Bf, Fidelis & Leon, Nadia & Ccb, & Jacelyn. Too bad her bf couldn't join us, or else it would be quadruple date!

The grill is charcoal kind, so the food is especially tasty! Quite special don't you think? Most steamboat places have electric pans instead, which actually makes the food too oily.

They have alot of variety. Other places they only have one kind of pork slices, one kind of chicken, one kind of fish, but here they have many different kinds of meat so we get to try many flavours (chilli, black pepper, etc) + meat parts (ribs, wing, thigh, sliced, belly, etc)!

Hee, so long never post up picture of bf liao.

Him and Leon.


Leon and Fidel~

The rest of us were perspiring like rain thus no pictures of all of us!

Had a short walk near the "river" afterwards. Gotta buy flash for my camera soon so that i can take night shots.

We saw lots of yachts so I joking pointed to one of them and exclaimed to sx: "Wow bf i saw YOUR yacht!!!"

Enjoyable night!

This place is Sakura Shabu Shabu at Punggol Marina. Each person around $26 for weekdays dinner. However, I think that the star of the place is the grill so most probably you will end up neglecting the steamboat part!

Oh ya, the mango meat icecream is superb. MUST try!!!

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