Friday, October 1, 2010

The most irritating thing about maintaining a straight fringe is that it grows super fast! You see, bangs only look good at a certain length. Once it grows 1-2 cm, you'll have to cut again.

Hates it when my eye keep kena poke!

Had Arnolds chicken with Nadia before collecting our new items from theblogshopsg. This week I got alot of nice jackets!

I think Arnolds has the best fried chicken in Singapore. Even better than Texas, KFC, Popeyes, and any other.

Hans coffee is nice! Tea and cofee with bf :)

Afterwards I went to a random salon to cut my fringe and another salon to trim my brows. Since beauty empire the other time, I haven't been trimming my brows! =P

My new bangs! After many times of experimenting, I learnt that if you want to cut bangs, it has to be 1cm longer than desired, because the next day it will become even shorter.

I always cut to my desired length at the salon, then the next day become shorter, like ahtood!

This dress is sponsored by MillyWalker. I like it~! You can click on the link to buy it too :) Comes in red as well.

Anyway, polkadotpigs has just launched a new collection :) Have a look! There's a flowy grey jacket which I really like!

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