Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My very own MV.

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Look at this video I made!!

It’s an amateur video I made for SSC sgcheer contest. Honestly, when I was tasked upon creating a music video for the SgCheer, the first thing I did was panic. How is it possible for me to video down different forms of sports, think up of cheer moves that aren’t downright lame and edit it together with the cheer song ALL IN JUST AFEW DAYS? It didn’t help that all days before the date I was supposed to hand in this advert was already packed with pre-planned activities.

I quickly bbm-ed some of the other bloggers who are also doing this video and asked them what they are going to do. None of them had any idea!

Nevertheless, I went to listen to the cheer song on repeat, hoping to gather some inspiration.

I didn’t get any creative inspiration, but I did fall in love with the cheer. Don’t you think it’s catchy? I caught myself humming to it several times a day haha.

O Hey O Hey O!
Woh O Woh O!
Ready, Set, GO! Singapore!

Okay, so how did I manage to put together a video in the end? I didn’t want to use other people’s footage found on the net in case of copyright issues, thus I went about shooting footages myself. I had limited time, thus I dropped by Downtown East, which is nearby my house.

I set my alarm to wake up at 8.30am in the morning but overslept. Zzzz. I had plans for the afternoon thus I only went down after that, which was evening and was quite dark already. What a pity! The morning sun and the clear blue water from the swimming pool would look really good on video.

I was hoping to shoot someone swimming in “competition style”, but realized that I couldn’t shoot openly as a lifeguard was monitoring the area. In the end I could only discreetly shoot the side of the swimming pool which has no one in it.

I wanted to video some cyclists at the park but the path down to the park was empty and dark, thus I chickened out and decided to shoot some parked bicycles instead. o_o *loser*

I wanted to shoot a close up of the bowling alley but was too shy to shoot directly infront of strangers. T_T

I wanted to dance to the dance moves of Kpop hit songs such as Run Devil Run or something like that but was too embarrassed to dance it infront of my father, who helped to video me. In the end I settled for “easy” moves and posing with my sister’s trophy. (Yup, I’ve never won a trophy for myself before. Sobs.)

Okay, my video didn’t turn out very well but YOURS COULD BE GREAT!!! You need ideas? Erm, I think the SNSD “oh!” music video is kinda nice. You just gotta get a number of thick-skinned girlfriends to dance it together with you.

Or you can make up some of your own moves and have fun while choreographing your dance!

Exercise your creativity and create a music video for this new cheer song performed by Juz-B - “Go! Go! Singapore!!”, released by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC). The contest ends on 31st October 2010 (eh you all got more time than me leh you all better do a better job lol). There will also be a "Guess the winner" contest from 1 - 14 Nov! I'm really excited to see all the entries you guys did!

Each successful submission for participants will receive a $20 voucher (1 voucher per pax, regardless of the number of successful entries).
The winning entry will walk away with an Apple iPad and $200 worth of shopping vouchers. *GASPS!*

The music for the cheer song can be downloaded from HERE.

Start creating it now! I’m very interested to see how good are the videos you all make!!

More info at: CHEERSG

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