Friday, October 8, 2010


Kko Kko Nara!!
You know what it means? I don't know either!! Hahaha.

Down this alley at Tras St, there is this little authentic korean restaurant called Kko Kko Nara. It's very popular among koreans and people working around this area. I've heard many ravings about and finally Belinda organised a gathering for us to have dinner there!

Belinda was super happy that night because got one super cute korean guy waiter asked her for her IC when she ordered alcohol. Then when the guy saw her IC, he gave the disbelievable look and exclaimed "What? You are 1 9 8 * ??" hahaha

Jacelyn's suckable grape juice. Hahaha!
"Eh, this one can suck one leh!" LOL!

This was the chicken pieces, recommended by Bel. I didn't try the spicy one. The garlic version is not bad!~ Apparently this restaurant is famous for their chicken.

This pot of chicken & potato stew was AWESOME. I ate alot that night!! It's a must order if you come. Do bring at least 4 person though, because the portion is very huge and it's $38. Me and nadia's eyes opened wide when we saw the price. But after eating it I think it's worth every penny!

Pair it with noodles. The noodles would be super yummy after soaking in the spicy sauce!

There is this button to press on if we need the waiter. Very convenient for us! No need to keep raising our hand.

Group picture!
From left: Jacelyn, Sabrina, ME, Belinda, Nadia!

Me and Jacelyn. The lighting was horrible!

My rice bento cos I wanted to eat sunny side up hehe.

Belinda & Nadia. Obviously bel still feeling flattered about the alcohol age thingy hor. Lol.

I don't like the pancake! Nadia loved it though. o_o

And a surprise!! They planned and Jacelyn made a detour just to buy a cake for us bday girls. SO SWEEEEEET!!!! Love them loads.

It's for me and Sabrina, who has her bday after mine!

Outfit of the day. Top is from theblogshopsg! Go visit them at Far east and Haji Lane :D

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