Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet or not?!!

SX made this "book" for my bday present. It consists of some words, neoprints and also the receipts/pieces of notes of our memories, which he kept in a "love box" at home.

I don't keep any love boxes at home, thus when I first knew about this love box where he keeps everything solely about our relationship, I was very happy :) I mean, he's a boy leh. Usually is girls keep this sort of things one lor. But maybe it's not very shocking because I realised he still keeps "love letters" from secret admirers in secondary school. Lucky he just put them at the bottom of his drawer and not with our stuffs in the box if not he sure kena ear-pulling hahaha.

These are afew pages/excerpts which I took photo of. I intend to take out all the receipts/neoprints from the book and return it into his love box. I want him to be the one to keep all that instead of me. Thus I record it down first.

Some of the words he wrote confirm is copy from somewhere one lor, cos it doesn't sound like him. Lol.

He never fails to praise himself. -_- And the first thing me and my sis did when we read this book is exclaim: "Author" spell wrong!!

Covered the restaurant name hehehe. I was unimpressed with him the first time we met and I seldom want to talk to people I don't know. That's why he thought I was a 'dao' girl. After some time of working together I realised he's actually quite cute when he do certain actions, then I started talking to him haha.

It wasn't a date lor -.-

Afew days after being together.

erm, I don't know where my end of the movie stubs ended up at :p

He kept these??!!!

This one confirm copy from somewhere one!!! Impossible that he would know how to use the words "pale in comparision"!!!! LOL.

Hee, just something from our relationship to share with you guys! Our relationship is definitely not a smooth-sailing one, but it's still special to me because of alot other little stuffs.

There is also the receipt from when we bought our rings. I just realised that our contact numbers are on the receipt thus I took out the picture.

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