Saturday, October 16, 2010

New hair, New nails.

I have great hair and nails!!

Hee, gotta love being a blogger. I just got a new sponsor, for my hair!! I really need lots of care for my hair, since it's long and dyed so frequently.

But I don't have to worry about my hair anymore, because ESSENSUALS will take care of it!
They are the diffusion group of Tony & Guy! Located at just beside Bugis Village, it's really convenient for us shoppers.

Previously when I did the fashion walk for POCC pink party afew months ago, they styled my hair too! So many people praised the high pony tail look :D

The place is simple and cool.

Really love salon hair washes! The massage is fantastic as well! If only I could have my hair washed like that everyday at home hehehe.

Did treatment for my dry and damaged hair!! The ends are really horrible because of the golden dye I did afew years ago.

That's Bryan on the left side of the picture, director of Essensuals! He suggested cutting off my ugly hair ends cos it affects the overall look!

Didn't cut off much cos I was protesting against it hahaha. My hair is now this length!

I really love my hair!!

This promotion is valid till 30th Nov 2010:

Call Essensuals for appointment now: 63330039
Essensuals @ Bugis
241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village

They also have a launch party coming up on 23rd October, 6pm onwards, which will consist of live tattoo, live DJ-ing, free hair consultation and free makeup and manicure!!

AND YOU ALL ARE INVITED!!! Bring your friends down as well! It's gonna be a really fun party!

And from what I see on the invitation list, some really pretty models/bloggers they are sponsoring will also be down as well! I'll be bringing afew friends too. See you there!

Afterwards I only had to walk afew steps and I reached Millys at Bugis Village Level 2. Hehe nextime I sure schedule hair and nails on same day!

Milly had a little revamp! It is now more spacious!

Hair accessories:

Did gel nails again!

Tada!! You like it?

Book your appointment now!!

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