Friday, October 22, 2010

Maxi giveaway


Giveaway at the end of the post! Read on!

I totally love blogshops with such neat and clear layout. It makes shopping so much more shuang!! It helps that the model looks cute hehehe.

I think that the styles they bring in are really feminine, sweet, and trendy.

There is also free registered mail for sweeties who buy 3 pieces or more! Just quote my name!

They chose a maxi dress for me!! Lets play a little game!

Look at this picture of me wearing the dress with a glimpse of the top pattern!

Now go to their website (, find the name of this maxi dress and comment here with ur name & email! First correct answer will win this maxi dress! I'll send it to your house :) Ur comment will not be shown.


Remember to add yourself to their mailing list!

I'll definitely be blogging about them again soon. So lets support thecouturelooks so that they can continue bringing in such pretty designs okay?

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