Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cheeseburger Cupcake!!

Do you want a cheeseburger cupcake?

Yep, I made this last weekend!
(recipe source: HERE. Read it for better instructions!)

These are the ingredients you will need!
- Cupcake mix (so much easier!)
- Eggs
- Butter
- Fresh Milk
- Icing sugar
- Water
- Oil
- Sesame seeds
- Cupcake tray
- Food coloring
- Icing applicator (optional)

First up, bake the cupcakes! Just follow the instructions on your cupcake mix's box.

And mix vigorously! I didn't want to trouble myself with washing the "mixer", which is an ass to clean, so I mixed it myself! Tiring though!

When it's smooth and creamy, it's good to go!

I used a grill oven because my baking oven is spoilt, and I heard that metal trays will explode in microwaves!

When it went it, it looked like this. I used the bottom grill because I didn't want the top grill to burn my cupcake. 8 minutes of bottom grill, 2 minutes of top+bottom grill to slightly brown the top.

About to be done!


Cut it into two! This is for the top of the burger and bottom of the burger!

Do the same using a chocolate version of the cupcake mix.

Cut the top part too. It'll be the meat patty for the burger.

Now, time to do the icing! I couldn't find packaged ones in the supermarket, thus I did my own!

125g butter
350g icing sugar
2 tablespoon milk.

Mix all till smooth.

Colour the icing! We need yellow, red and green! However the red i bought turned out pink thus I didn't use it.

Yellow is the cheese, green is the veggie!
If got red, it'll be the tomato sauce!

After applying the layers, add sesame seeds on top like a real burger!
Here's my end result!

Didn't turn out to be very good looking, but it's decent enough!

Om nom nom!
It's still as unhealthy as a real cheeseburger though! :P

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