Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Trip to Malacca Part 1
We hired a private mini bus for the trip. It's much more convenient cos we didn't have to follow a particular schedule and don't need wait for other people!

Immediately after passing the customs, we stopped at Johor for breakfast! Woke up at 4am and was famished!

Looks like any other coffeeshop in Singapore right?

Little Joey is grumpy cos hungry!

We had KwayTeowKia! Which means "kway teow's child" cos it's thinner than normal kwayteow! It taste like kwaychap.

Mix pork organs. I don't really know how to eat all those so I only had afew pieces of meat.

There was pig blood in it also! It is illegal to sell in Singapore due to hygiene reasons. The adults were so excited about it cos they say very long never eat it already. I didn't take any photos of it but I googled a picture to let you all see how it looks like:

I asked dad how come "blood" is in square form. Lol. He says it's blood clot. I didn't dare to try it but my sis says it tastes like jelly. I think it's disgusting. I feel like puking whenever i look at the picture. Any of you ate it before?

Some dimsum to stop you all from puking.

Satisfied and now back to the bus to sleep cos Malacca's a long journey ahead!

Stopped by for cold fruits!

Finally reached Malacca! After praying at a temple, we went to this Nonya restaurant.

These titbits were damn nice! I seldom eat junk food but I ate lots of these!

Rendang chicken. It's abit sourish, but not bad~

This is the salted veg duck soup. SUPER NICE. I'm craving for it now. It tastes like how my mum cooks it!

I love their fish too! I'm not sure what they ordered, but it was sweet and sour, more of sour. Love the sauce!

Sambal Kangkong.

Sambal Sotong.

Beancurd with minced meat on top.

Chendol for dessert. Expensive! RM2.50 for a very tiny bowl. Smaller than rice bowl!

Nevertheless, I think it was a very yummy lunch overall! It's not expensive too.

We headed to this huge shopping centre, but I'm not sure what's the name. Any malaysian readers who know?

Their supermarket trolleys no need to put $1 coin one!! Mum says because the supermarket is so far from residential areas, the people wouldn't steal it cos don't know how to bring it home! Haha. If it was in Singapore, I think by 1 week no more trolley liao!! hahaha.

My little Joey. She's my favourite cousin cos she's supa cute.

Don't you love her too?!!!

Saw this cute eraser at a book store. Damn cool to use in school lah!

Also saw a "shoe gallery" or something like that at one of the levels. The whole stretch of shops sell shoes, many of them at buy 1 get 1 free. OMG. I almost spend a fortune there! I wish Singapore has something like that so that I don't have to walk so much from one shop to another when I'm only shopping for shoes!

What a long entry! Will continue in another entry k.

The pink dress and belt I wore is from theblogshop. I love the sleeves!

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