Friday, October 8, 2010

Doing the owner Hayley a favour since we have so many mutual friends :)
This bag is from her bag shop;

She gave me a total of 3 bags. This pink little cute bag can store alot of things inside! Very roomy and unexpected!

My favourite is this straw bag with gold chain and a fluffy ball.

Another nice bag include this one! This is instock due to deadbuyer! There are some other brand new instocks from other deadbuyers too.

Besides some instocks, she do mainly spree order from a Taiwan Online web named pgmall bags. They sell bags of good qualities and plenty of variety to choose from. Purses, wallets, handbags etc. You can just click in and select anything you want.

Shippings are 1 to 2 weeks depending on stocks. Normally it is quite fast if everyone's bags are instocks (so don’t have to wait for the stocks to reach pgmall ppl then to her then to you)

Prices are inclusive of shipping.. absolutely no handling fees cos she order loads of bags when she does a pgmall spree.

Follow pgmallspreee through the google follower of blogger and comment at the blogpost to get a chance at her giveaway sessions.

Support meinu ok!

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