Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How I can wear 1 dress for 2 weeks- differently.


Recently I knew about a particular blog that showcased how she can wear a piece of black dress in different ways for 365 days, without any repeating styles. It’s really amazing isn’t it?

She had many additional pieces of accessories, clothes and shoes to mix and match, thus her looks varied very much. But what if you take away those extra pieces and only had the dress to experiment with? How many different ways can you wear your dress?

Today I’m going to show you how I can wear a dress for almost two weeks, each day DIFFERENTLY. People will think you are wearing a different piece everyday, but they’d most likely be wondering why you are wearing the same color all the time hahaha.

1) First up, tube dress. Casual day at the beach.

2) Halter mini dress. I think it’s perfect for clubbing.

3) Halter dress with thick belt. Dinner with friends in town :)

4) Shopping?

5) Toga. Perhaps for a launch event?

6) Toga with ribbons on strap. Cute! Wear it while on a date ^^

7) Another version of the tube dress. I personally like this style a lot! I’d probably wear it for a manicure session with the girls!

8) X-halter neck. Hmm, this one looks more formal, so I’d probably wear it to a friend’s wedding dinner.

9) Normal straps and thick waist cloth. This look can be worn to almost anywhere! Simple and nice.

10) Okay, cheat abit. Add a white tank top!

11) This one is more mature. For the office!

12) This is the strap halterneck version. This can be worn with the thin cloth belt like this.

Or can be wore with a thicker belt for different look! (not seen here. imagine ok? hehe)

Other ways include the following:

I’m sure there are lots of other ways to dress this! I had so much fun trying the different ways but I was too sleepy so I gave up after trying the above haha. I had wanted to take nicer shots but my evil sister only took a few then she went to sleep already. In the end I can only take reflection shots/above waiste camwhore shots. -_-

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