Saturday, October 2, 2010

K-Food! :D

Met up with Isaac and Benjamin after so long!

Can you guess where we went? :D

Yep! We went to have Korean food! Most of the korean food recommended to me were more to the central and east side but the guys wanted something more towards the west. And so, I randomly selected this Auntie Kim's korean restaurant :)

Nearest mrt is Mary Mount. The moment I got in I could smell fragrant food~ So hungry!

Sides. I only know how to eat one of them! The green leafy thing which taste like cold yuenchoy. Haha. I don't really like eating Kimchi. One two piece is fine, but not like Ben, he can eat many pieces at one go!

Food is served!! Yummm!

This is pork shoulder. IT IS VERY NICE.
It is raw on the menu though, I wonder why it wasn't cooked on the bbq pan infront of us :(

I special-ordered a sunny side up cos I was craving for one! =P

Kimchi tofu soup!

This was the chicken hotplate that Isaac insisted. It is NOT NICE. Isaac, nextime please stick to me and ben's suggestions okay? Hehe.

Everyone is full now! Time for PEEKTURES :D

I love this grainy effect on my camera.

All our BBs! Guess each one belongs to who!! Easy lah hahaha.

Walked opposite to have DESSERT!

Rocher beancurd.

Deciding which to buy ^^

Bought egg tarts back for the family :) They say nice!

Wheets, it's quite some time since I posted so many pics in one entry right. You all like the pictures? :) But don't have much of my face haha.

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