Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Social Network

I was invited to the movie "The Social Network" by Nadia and Jacelyn. Fidelis, Leon, Belinda, Sabrina and lots of other bloggers were there too!

The Social Network is the story behind the founders of Facebook, with Mark Zuckerberg as lead. The film portrayed him in as an unethical person, yet sort of brought attention to his talents and his ability to think much more intelligently and further than other people. I felt that lots of emotions were shown throughout the film and it's like a story of social acceptance, friendships, and betrayals. I didn't feel that anyone was wrong in the movie. It feels like reality. The story was fast paced and interesting, and attracted my attention throughout. Although the front part was abit confusing for me, I eventually caught on and enjoyed the show. Got some parts quite funny too!

I read more articles about the movie after I got home and it seems that the story is not fully true, although it is sort of based on what actually happened. I do wish that it really happened though, it's so drama!

Me and Fidel after the movie. No pics with Nadia cos the only shot we took no nice!!

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