Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's your favourite thai cuisine?
Mine's basil chicken!! Ever since I tried it once, I order it every single time I eat thai food. I especially love to it this dish at hawker centres because it comes with sunny side up ^^ With rice, it makes perfect dinner.

I ate this in Newton and it was good, but I recommend the one at Maxwell Hawker. Even better! The first row, most left one.

Tom Yum soup is also another sure-order dish for me. Although it's usually too spicy for me, I always cannot resist another sip hehehe. Especially love the prawns! Got milky and clear soup kind. Which one do you prefer?


Whenever I go to hawker centres, I always order sugarcane juice over other drinks. I feel that it release thirst more effectively!

I was camwhoring away then SX came and took my camera away and imitated me!!! He purposely tilt it at the high angle lor! lol.

Oyster omelette is a must-order for SX. He loves oyster I hate oyster.

We went to play arcade at downtown east! Had lots of fun at this particular shooting game.

On my birthday my family treated me to dinner at this chinese restaurant.

I super love this dish! Chicken with mushrooms/fungus. My mum used to steam this at home too. It was so yummy. Eat with rice, very nice!

This is claypot pork knuckle. DON'T ORDER. It's like 90% bone and 10% fat skin. No meat. Or maybe my family snatched those with meat and left me with the bones o_o

Roasted Duck~~~ ^^

I LOVE EGG YOLK PRAWN. Ever since I tried it once a long time ago I never ordered any other type of prawns if there is eggyolk prawn on the menu.

Walked around and chose my birthday cake! I don't like big cakes cos end up must keep in fridge and eat it for the next few days. I rather share one slice and eat 1-2 bites, yi si yi si jiu hao.

Outfit of the day:
- Studded jacket & Belt: theblogshop.sg
- Maxi: Millywalker

Without makeup!!

I just realised that I still have 2 books unread (halfway through Lauren Weisberger "Every Worth Knowing" and Nicholas Spark's "The Wedding")!! Ever since I got a Blackberry I seem more interested in playing games than read!

I've wasted quite some money on games that are unplayable/boring/troublesome/requires too much braincell/too difficult/too slow-paced!! My most frequent game is Pixelated. It's challenging yet easy to play, and best is, there's no time limit so I can get distracted midway!

HangMan quite fun too. I always press E, A, I, O, U, N, L, T, S, D, etc, in this sequence no matter what the hint is. Lol. It's my strategy and it works most of the time!! These are the more frequently used alphabets!

The letter most frequently used in English is E. The least frequently used letter is Z.

Got evidence to support one!! I got this list from Wikipedia:

The list below shows the frequency of letter use in English.
Letter Frequency
A 8.17%
B 1.49%
C 2.78%
D 4.25%
E 12.70%
F 2.23%
G 2.02%
H 6.09%
I 6.97%
J 0.15%
K 0.77%
L 4.03%
M 2.41%
N 6.75%
O 7.51%
P 1.93%
Q 0.10%
R 5.99%
S 6.33%
T 9.06%
U 2.76%
V 0.98%
W 2.36%
X 0.15%
Y 1.97%
Z 0.07%

Oh, didn't know H got such high frequency and that L is not so frequent afterall!

Anyway, after having a BB, I now wish I have an iphone/itouch. Alot of touchscreen games very fun leh!!! Too bad can't play them on my BB.

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