Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday Celebration with SX.

It has been more than 10 days since my bday but didn't have time to blog about the celebrations as I've been busy lately.

It was a simple, nice celebration :)
Now I'm excited for the pending 21st birthday! I've been having simple birthdays for 2 years in a row already, now I want some party!

We went to a toy catcher shop and tried catching toys. Something about winning toys from these machines makes me much happier than buying one from the stores.

The first one we got was quite fast. It's now named PINKY!
We walked around the mall abit more and then decided to go back to the t0y catcher shop and won BLACKIE!

Who do you like more? I love both ;)
I can never have enough soft toys. I have so many favourites on my bed!

We had nothing much to do before our dinner reservation so we went to a salon to cut SX's hair. Kanasai!! Where got MY birthday do HIS thing one hmmph.

Dinner at last! I was starving.

Flowers on table.

Love wings hehehe. It's so tak-glam but I still love it anyway.

This is french onion soup. It really sucks.
Previously I tried french onion soup at Sentosa but it was great, so I ordered it.

Lucky it's my bday, so SX offered to exchange soup with me. Yay, his mushroom soup was so much better. He finished the french onion soup. Kelian lol.

This was the chef recommendation. Salmon pasta with lobster sauce. Quite nice!

My main was char-grilled chicken. The rice is yummy!

SX's seafood platter. The prawns were so yummy that I had 3 out of the 4 that was on the plate. =P One thing I love about this boyfriend is that he will offer a big portion of the nice food/my favourites to me without me asking. Hehehe. He always very poor thing one, eat veggies, breastmeat, that kind of stuff hahaha.

My little birthday cake :)

It was mango flavoured and juicy.

Love the cutting of the dress I was wearing! It's from theblogshopsg.

SX also gave me a book where he pasted our memories and wrote his feelings in. I took some photos of it. If you want to see what he wrote, check back for my next entry! ^^

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