Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eat? Shop? Sinful!!


I think i'm very considerate leh. I'm blogging this at close to midnight, at a time where most of you are full from dinner, so that you all won't feel hungry after seeing this entry! Faster say thankyou!!

Brad and I were talking about a Chilli Crab outing for quite some time already but none of us took any action. Finally one fine day we decided on a date and asked afew friends to join.

It was a group of 7 but in the end 3 cannot make it, but we added one new person, so it was a party of 5!
Brad, Elise, Jacelyn, Cindy and Me!

He recommended Seafood Paradise, so we all heeded the food blogger's suggestion!

Gong Bao chicken. Nice, though it tastes like any other average version from any restaurant.

Eggyolk prawn!! My favourite kind of prawn!

This hotplate beancurd was surprisingly nice! I think it's my favourite of all the dishes that day.

Star dish - Chilli crab! That's what we are here for! It's quite good, but not the best chilli crab I ate though.

BUT THE MANTOU IS DAMN NICE. The skin was crispy yet not too hard!

Not full enough, so we ordered sweet and sour pork! I think it was so-so only.

Love what I wore that day!
It's from theblogshop.

Saw the bag? It's my current fave bag! Madensold sponsored it to me.

It's so simple and easy to match, yet looks so good! Love max.

Anyway, their prices have been reduced as they are trying to clear the remaining stocks. Go support okay~ In addition, people who quote iceangel in their order form will entitled $1 off. They also sell clothes!

Love quirky accessories and beautiful bracelets and necklaces? We have Liebelou here! Yep! Just listen to the name and you know it's a blogshop for the whimsical at heart!

Throwing on a simple outfit adorned with the right accessories makes a whole difference to your look. Liebelou update with items with an eye for detail and borrowing inspiration from fashion/style icons. And best of all, the items will keep coming in at affordable prices for you!

Easevanity has just launched with their new comeback collection, filled with inspired items from Topshop, Marc Jacobs and more!

Join their mailing list to get free postage and if you purchase more than 3 items, you'll get free registered postage!

Saw anything you like from this collage? Quickly go into their site:


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