Friday, October 29, 2010

Fann Wong's wedding, Peacock feathers, and Rice balls that looked like fried fish balls.


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We finally checked into the hotel after a long day.

It was Renaissance Hotel, which was apparently the best in Malacca. Fann Wong had her less-publicized Malacca wedding with Christopher Lee here! Erm, nothing to do with us, but, just saying. Haha.

Our room!

Heard the our little cousin kids next door had fun with the bathtub. Haha. They should go our house one day. The bathtub in our bathroom hasn't had anyone lying in it since..... at least 8 years? When we first moved in it was so cool to have a bathtub but after afew times, everyone ended up showering the normal way instead of wasting time soaking ourselves in it for 30 minutes. Haha.

Love big mirrors!! Pretty bag is from PGmallspreee.

ok... guess I really love the mirror lol. Dress and belt from theblogshopsg.

We set off for the night market at Jonker Walk!! When we reached it was still early but stalls are already set up. I heard the roads are open in the morning but at night it's closed for the night market.

It's abit like pasar malam but so much more interesting than the ones we have in Singapore.

They have all things random!

These are chopsticks with surnames printed on them. Very cheap too! There are afew stalls selling it. I think it makes for good souvenirs.

I really wonder how much they earn from selling these things... I doubt that there would be many people buying these...

There was this particular shop that sells random cold finger food like fishballs, fried nugget, carrot cake, etc, on paper plates and sold them for 40cents per stick. There wasn't much variety, nor many in quantity. I wonder if the owner even earn $2 per day because being among so many stalls selling piping hot food that look much more attractive, would anyone buy from that stall?

It was starting to get darker.

These candy sticks! Girls in ancient dramas ALWAYS happen to like these sticks of candies and the male lead would buy it for them, then they would happily eat it with a glow on their face. I've never tried it and I wonder how it tastes like.

Have you ever seen people selling peacock feathers like this around night markets?? Dad told me that people buy these feathers to keep out lizards or something. Interesting to know. I wonder where this seller plucked this bunch of feathers from.

Do you remember these toys??? I played the dress up dolls like this before!! Fold the top part of the paper dress and hang it over the shoulders of the paper doll. Yea, alternatives for barbie dolls.

Anyone knows what these candies are called? Escaped my mind for a moment. Ding Ding Tang? Or Ding Dang Tang?

This is like dimsum buffet. The seller distribute plastic bags, then you take whatever dimsum you want from these trays. Then you pay according to how many pieces you took.

Fried radish. It was so fragrant as we walked past it!

Many roadside eating here.

My grandfather bought these to munch on!! I've loved these since young. However, it was warm and fresh when bought here. Double the yummy!

We passed by this stall.

Spiral deepfried potato! We just had to try.

Chilli flavour and another one normal with salt.

I thought chilli will be nicer but end up the salt one nicer!! Like potato chips, but thicker.

Then we went to this food house that sells chicken rice. It seems quite famous as there was a food celebrity endorsing it with a glum face and the branches were all over malacca.

But it didn't live up to our expectations. We were all excited for the rice balls, which grains are separable.

However, their rice balls were so compressed that it tasted like flour more than rice!! Cannot even separate one grain! Like chewing on a ball of dough. Actually, cannot even see the individual grains!

Look like fish balls doesn't it. lol.

Obligatory photo of veggies.

The best thing on the table was the soup. Yep soup only. The fishball not very nice.

I felt that the chicken was fairly okay, but the rest of the table disliked it.

I wonder why they have so many customers. Maybe that particular day the quality not so good?

We dabaoed some food back to my uncle's suite. Smells good when they cooked it but not nice at all in the taste area :(

Sigh, overall not a very good night in terms of food~

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