Monday, October 11, 2010

About rumours

Disclaimer: Pictures for this entry is highly irrelevant to the text. Hahaha. I took these pictures some time ago but never knew how I can write something relevant for it, so I'll just throw them here :)

Fake rumours are the most vicious form of weapon against someone you don't like. And it is also one of the most difficult form of attack to counter.

A year or two ago, I started reading gossip forums about local bloggers because I was kaypoh and it was interesting to look into the lives of other privileged, or scandalous people.

Harmless reading led to my own revelation of how such a simple website can make people change opinions and views of someone they do not know. It's really alarming to see how people could easily believe whatever they read, not even asking themselves, who is this person who claim to have "inside info"?

Anyone can sign up for an account and claim to have "inside info".

So anyway, I was thinking this morning, what control do I have over someone "backstabbing" me and spreading rumours about me to another friend? Zero.

FriendA bitches to FriendB. If B wasn't friend enough, she would have took in A's words and then her view of me is negative now - all because of some words. AND, in most cases, FriendB would never confront to me about what A said because it's supposed to be secret between them two. Then all this while, I would be wondering about B's sudden negativity towards me. And I would never have the chance to redeem myself.

Another situation.
C gossips to D about me. D has no connection with me whatsoever and we are not friends, not aquantainces. D has no reason not to form a negative impression of me, and thus I earned another hater without even getting to know her. Chances of me ever finding out the reason why someone hates me and get the chance to redeem myself? Zero.

I kinda pity those famous celebrities. They get ALOT of people making up stories and spreading rumours about them, to the point where they have ALOT of haters who hate them for NOTHING.

This is something to think about. Shouldn't people only form love and hate upon getting to know the person herself, and what kind of person she really is?

I hope people would give me a chance to know me better, instead of passing judgements just because of words said by people who don't like me. Chances are, words formed by a hater would usually be exaggerated, inaccurate, or fake.

I want to live in a world full of love towards each other.
Not meaningless childish dislike.

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